BTS: J-Hope and Jimin’s Sweetest Moments Backstage at #Hobipalooza Music Festival Got the BTS Army Emotional

J-Hope and Jimin’s went to Chicago together where J-Hope put on a great show at the Lollapalooza Music Fest. Where the BTS Army started dancing with joy in this show. J-Hope gives BTS’ first solo performance. The Arson singer slogged it out in the practice room of HYBE for six months before he blew away the audience in Chicago. BANGTAN TV has released the video.
It gives an insight into the emotions that J-Hope aka HOBI felt before the final moments. He said that BTS leader RM aka NAMJOON sent him a message in the middle of the night that
he could pull it off. Of course, we saw Jungkook of BTS performing at the inauguration of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

After this show, the reaction of the fans was amazing, due to which the BTS Army changed the name of Lollapalooza to #Hobbypalooza.

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