We all know that no one likes to have a cold, for this there are very good natural remedies from which you can get rid of it immediately. It is also important to know that cold and cough are related to each other. If we use these remedies in its beginning, then we will get rid of cold and cough immediately.

:- These are some very effective home remedies
1.Combination of Dry Ginger, Black pepper, Pan(Betel Leaf) & Tulsi (Basil)

Dry ginger, betel leaves(PAAN), basil(TULSI) and black pepper are wonderful herbs, all these things are easily found in all the houses. Boil all these ingredients well in water for 10 minutes and strain it and consume it.
If it is bitter to drink then use jaggery in sufficient quantity. But keep in mind that you should drink it twice a day so that you can get quick relief from cold and cough.
   Dry ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Ginger has a substance called gingrols, and it really helps in preventing further implements. Black pepper is also strong anti-inflammatory, basil (tulsi) and betel leaf(paan) can boost the production of antibodies and so this combination is an excellent combination to protect you to cold & cough.

2.Ginger juice, Honey & Turmeric (Haldi)

Take a spoon of honey add few drops of fresh ginger juice and put turmeric (Haldi) in that just mixed it all and sip it take it slowly into your throat. That its self is a good treatment for cold and cough. Honey is a soothing effects on the throat. Turmeric (Haldi) is a strong immunity booster. This combination excellent for cold & cough.

3. Ginger Powder, Jaggery & Turmeric

Mixing all three, make a paste of jaggery, ginger powder and turmeric make laddoos, use it and make small laddoos by adding a little turmeric or ginger powder to it. If you have a dry cough, then make a few drops of ghee in it and make laddoos and dry it. Slowly putting it in your mouth and slowly eat. That is an excellent treatment for dry cough and cold. When person has dry cough nothing works but this combination will definitely work.

4. Salt Water Gargling

Yoga says very clearly that saline liquid really helps at loosing up the mucus so gargle with salt water. Water should be warm and put some salt and gargle you can put even turmeric in it and gargle. Gargling really helps at nasal passage as well as throat. So do this 3 to 4 times a day that will really help in settling problem. This is a very easy home remedy which we can do every day, by doing it daily we can avoid cold and cough.

5. Use of Warm Water

Warm water job is to wash out unwanted things in our body. Warm water really helps remove toxic from the system it gives soothing effects to the body using warm water every hour you don’t need any medicine it will really help to handle your cold. It will improve your digestion and improve central nervous system function

All these remedies are very good remedies, you can use any of these remedies which suits you. You don’t just have to pay attention to how it got better, you also have to pay attention to these things as to why the cold has started. Why did you cough? If you can know why this is happening, then in the beginning you can avoid cold and cough by using all these remedies.


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